Being one of the largest manufacturers of glassware in Bangladesh for over 20 years has made us stand through time as an innovative company rooted in a time-honored tradition while embracing cutting edge technology.

Our longstanding history suggests that we have been known as a trusted household lifestyle brand with a knack of crafting the most appealing of tablescapes in your very own home.

Olila Glass is proud to bring our passion for gracing your perfect table with our top-quality dinnerware and glasware. The inception of Olila Glass was based on providing premium glassware which entails to making a unique statement at your home.

In contrast to many other manufacturers, Olila Glass has never lost sight of the value of traditional craftsmanship. Professional glass makers create the thin, even glass walls of these enchanting glassware with care, precision and attention to detail with the utmost integrity.

Choosing quality crystal glasses can transform your good drink into a great drink. Elevate your drink enjoyment and celebrate special life moments with a glass that's a pleasure to hold and raise. Dining with your loved ones, whether it be a casual lunch or a formal dinner party, is a time-honored tradition that we are always proud to be a part of.  From our table to yours, we hope that you enjoy the beauty, versatility and remarkable selection of Olila's dinnerware and glassware that we have to offer. Whether you gravitate towards a modern minimal look, prefer a chic nature-inspired appeal or desire a classic traditional aesthetic, Olila's products are sure to complement your lifestyle with sophistication and elegance.